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Texas Chinese Radio Llc

1782 Sam Houston Pkwy.N, Houston, TX 77043

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A Bit About Us

  • We are the first Chinese (Mandarin) radio broadcaster in Houston (Since 1995)
  • We are the largest Chinese language programming in the region with 50+ hours of live radio broadcasting a week.
  • We are currently broadcasting from KCHN 1050AM ( Under Texas Chinese Radio).
    1. KCHN is a Daytime AM station covering all of Houston/ Galveston DMA.
    2. KCHN is the premier multi-ethnic programming station serving 200,000 Chinese communities in the Houston and surrounding areas.
    3. KCHN has multi-ethnic programming in Chinese (Mandarin), and South Asian (Urdu & Hindi).
  • We provide voice talent, translation, website design/consultation, event planning, and mass media advertising.


Texas Chinese Radio Program

  • Stock & Investment
  • Health & Medicine
  • Family & Education
  • Home & Garden
  • Movie & Entertainment
  • Community Services


Our Radio Listeners

  • Broadcasting to approximately 200,000 Chinese from various backgrounds (such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and south east Asia
  • Dynamic, loyal and dependable market
  • Highest educational level and fastest growing economic power among minority groups
  • Won’t hesitate to recommend products, professionals or services to friends, neighbors and relatives
  • Prefer products/services that are advertised by their native languages
  • Prefer products/services through direct one-on-one communications


Our Web

  • Jan. 2007 in partnership with Nihao USA, Texas Chinese Radio LLC release first ever interactive Chinese web portal.The features includes Forum, Chinese Yellow Pages, Video, Sky Mall, Audio recording, and web radio.
  • Ability to interact with Chinese American Community 24/7 by providing latest information on Houston’s news and events.
  • Since Jan 2007 there are more than 6,900 register users and the number is continue to grow by the day.
  • Total of more then 100,000 visitors, and 220,000 page views per month
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